Service Health

Thursday 20th June 2019

Wisenet LRM Wisenet Performance Issues and Outage

8:10am AEST - It has been reported that some Logbook records are not working as expected. The data is slow to load. We are looking into this issue and will provide more details of a fix once we have more information.

9:45am AEST - Investigation has outlined that the issue is more widespread. We are investigating the slowness.

10:45am AEST - We are working to resolve an issue causing degraded performance of Wisenet apps for all customers. We have narrowed down the problem to our database layer and are working to resolve the issue.

11:32am AEST - We need to complete urgent maintenance to restore the issue. We will be putting all services into maintenance at 11:40am AEST. This should take an hour.

12:16pm AEST - Maintenance was completed. Some improvements however still a general slowness.

1:58pm AEST - We are making more tweaks to performance. Should experience slight improvements as we proceed.

3:59pm AEST - We removed access to the new Task Board which immediately improved performance. The performance issues should now be resolved.

We are still investigating the root cause. Sorry for any inconveniences in todays slowness.