Service Health

Monday 16th December 2019

Integration Services UnitEnrolment Integration

16th Dec 19 11:05am AEDT - We have been alerted by customers that UnitEnrolments are not syncing as expected for integration with 3rd party Elearning systems including our Moodle connectors. We are investigating the cause.

16th Dec 19 1:10pm AEDT - We have identified that that a change in the Thursday release caused the UnitEnrolment endpoint in the old API to fail. We are working on a fix.

17th Dec 19 9:30am AEDT - The initial fix did not work. Looking at alternatives.

17th Dec 19 12:08pm AEDT - We have released a tweak to unblock the errors. We are still working on a more comprehensive fix. Will set this incident to closed.

Sorry for any inconveniences.